Welcome Family Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Unit

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Essential equipment for both hotels and restaurants

- Foldable wall mounted baby changing unit 

- Easy to use

Conform to collective norms, this baby changing unit is ideal for camping, hotel, restaurant and every family friendly place in a general way 

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£ 168.00

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Dimensions :

When closed: 58.5 (heigh) x 85.5 (length) x 9 cm (depth)

When open: 49.5  (heigh) x 58.5 (length) x 58.5 cm (l)

Opening angle: 90°

Confrom to collective normsNF EN 12221:2008+A1:2013

Opening system : Gas Compression

The chassis of the wall mount is made of stainless steel

The maximum weight to be placed on the unit is 20 kg

Moudled plastic (HDPE) body : Hypoallergenic for better safety and comfort

Easy to install : Delivered with fixing kit and template