We thought that we would join in with the pub licensees trade magazine, The Publican's Morning Advertiser's, campaign which aims to get potential customers into pubs throughout January and to encourage them to try new dishes and new drinks for the month.

The  #TryJanuary campaign is in its second year and we think that it is a fab idea, as January is traditionally a difficult month for pubs as people aim to pursue their newly made New Year's Resolutions and other health goals. 

Here are our top five tips for how we visualise  #TryJanuary, the Welcome Family way:

1 - We are encouraging Pubs and Restaurants to Join the  #TryJanuary Camapign

Why keep the campaign to pubs, how about sharing the idea into restaurants too, after all it is a quiet time for them too.

2 - Promote and encourage the fact that you are kiddie friendly

January is a time for families to spend quality time together, after all of the speed, fun and excitement of Christmas, January should be about enjoying meals with families in family friendly restaurants. Let the families know that you're open to them coming in and enjoying your atmosphere, food and drinks and how about offering the kids special kids meals or menus.

3 - Try something new in your pubs and restaurants for the kids and families

Try out our activity sheet placemats, activity booklets, wooden pencils and keep the kids busy whilst they're waiting patiently for their meals. 

4 - Encourage educational activities for the kids that are dining in your restaurants and pubs

How about offering the kids in your restaurants something educational, their parents will love it! How about teaching them a new language, such as French? Don't worry you won't have to do it, just leave it to our activity placemats and activity booklets as all of the descriptions and instructions for the activities are written in English and French.

5 - Make families feel welcome in your restaurants and pubs

Offer the families that are coming into your restaurants a booster seat or a high chair for the younger clientele and have baby changing units at the ready to ensure that families feel at ease and welcome into your businesses. If the families can see that you are welcoming them with wide arms open, they'll be back and probably with other friends and families too, so a win-win situation for all!

Welcome Family Booster Seat