The smallest booster seat on the market!

Welcome family’s booster seat is really innovative thanks to its ultra compact design, it unfolds in one simple click ! Once placed on the chair, the child can share and enjoy the important time around the dining table with the rest of their family, and we know how important it is for them.

Why choose our booster seat ?

Its ultra Compact Design :

Because we are aware that you need place, we have designed our booster seats accordingly to this need. They are easy to store away and to transport. As our booster seat is the smallest on the market, your storage is minimised : Once folded, the booster seat is ultra-flat and can be stored anywhere.

Practicalities :

Our booster seat fits 98% of chairs and it replaces the need for high chair. The installation time takes 1 minute, and the weight of the booster seat is : 1,7 kg, so it is easy to move.

Finally, the way to fix the booster seat to the chair is ultra simple – there is one strap to fix it to the back of the chair and a second strap to fix it to the seat of the chair.

Comfort  and Security :

Children comfort and security are really important, and especially for family friendly restaurant.

The front seat of our booster seat is rounded for the comfort of the child’s legs, and the maximum security is provided thanks to its 3-point harness and its 8 rubber stoppers to stop the booster seat from slipping from the chair

Have a look on our website and you will discover the several colors we propose : Wooden, Dark, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red and Green as well as our pack of 4

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Published : 29/03/2016

Author : Anaïs