Family holiday : How to find the perfect place ?

You plan to travel to France with your kids ?

You have made the right choice, France is full of amazing landscapes to see and beautiful places to visit.

We have in mind for instance the Château of Versailles, one of the most beautiful castle, which inspired many others in the world, Strasbourg and its famous christmas maket, Le Mont Saint Michel which was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979 and is one of the architectural gems of the Middle Ages, the very famous cave of Lascaux, or even the south of France and its amazing lanscapes such as the creeks of Cassis or Marseille, perfect for your family walks.

A lot of places to visit, but we are aware of the difficulty to find the best restaurant or hotel for your family, where you are sure that your children will be well welcomed.

More and more places start to be aware of this issue, but it still not enough.

Our aim : Provid kids’ equipment to as much place as possible. We always attend to raise awareness of the importance of being a family friendly place.

We have created a range of products adapted to professionals’ needs and constraints.

We distribute high chairs stockable or not, and we have designed a booster seat perfectly adapted to hotels and restaurants, as it is foldable and do not take too much place ! Moreover, as kids’ comfort is our priority we have created this product accordingly.

Then, we also have developed a range of kids’ treats ; perfect to welcome the kids, and some lunch boxes which making meals funnier ! Finally, as we believe that making kids happy means make parents happy too, we have created a range of activity placemats and booklets, perfect to keep kids occupied while their parents enjoy their meal.

To find the perfect place to go with your family, you can have a look on these guides : Family trip where you can directly book an accommodation or even on Family Scope which is more focused on family leisure.

To go a step further, we have decided to create our own guide : welcome family guide, which lists family friendly places, where our products are present, the aim is to develop the guide as much as possible.

We hope that we have helped you to find the perfect place to enjoy your family holiday in France! Finally, if you want to go to hotels or restaurants which are not on the guides, do not hesitate to call them, french hotelkeeper and restaurateur will be pleased to help you !

Published : 04/04/2016

Author : Anaïs