How to become «Family Friendly» place ?

Welcome Family believes that «Take care of children, means win customers ! », that is why we design and distribute safe and fun kids’ equipment to hotels and restaurants.

Today, being a family friendly place can be a competitive advantage. 

The question is : How to become a family friendly place?

Have a family friendly section on your website.

Parents may see straight away that their children are welcome. In this section, you can inform them about your kids’ menu, family activities and kids’ equipment provided (such as high chairs, booster seats, baby changing facilities...).

Being well equiped.

These young gests have some specific needs, and it is important that your place answers to them.

Do not hesitate to invest on kids’ equipment such as high chair or booster seat, children’s bed and baby changing unit...Keep it in mind : If children are well installed, parents can relax and enjoy their time together. 

Finally, being well equiped can be a competitive advantage, indeed, parents will prefer to go to a place where they don’t need to bring their own equipment.

Provide a « Welcome Pack ».

For hotels, providing a welcome pack to the young gests could be a good way to keep them occupied while their parents signing up.This welcome pack may include: An activity booklet with some colouring pencils, kids' treats and some balloons.

For restaurants, this is the same approach: Being family friendly at the first step! By offering to children a balloon when they arrive or by giving them an activity booklet or a suprise pack!

Note, that you can also personalize all of these products, which can be a good way to communicate. Indeed, generally children like to bring these little gifts to their home, and it could be a good reminder of your company to parents.

Kids Menu.

Having kids’ menu is quite important, and you need to be flexible on your food and beverage offering. Parents need to know that their children may eat something they like.

Finally, you can make this meal funnier, by putting the food on a funny lunch box and by accompanying it with a little treat, or by setting the table with some activity placemats always loved by kids.

We hope that these little tips gave you some ideas to provide the best service as possible. 


Published : 11/04/2016

Author : Anaïs