Welcome Family Booster seat, MonkeyandMouse gives her opinion.

Jenny from MonkeyandMouse blog has tested our foldable booster seat with her 2 years old boy.

As she is aware of the difficulty to find a family friendly restaurant and café  with high chair or booster seat,  we have decided to offer her the orange version of our foldable booster seat.

We were happy to see that our product has met her needs and the ones of her 2 years old boy !

First of all, she has noted how our booster seat is easy to carry and to use ! « (it)  folds up flat for easy storage and carrying [...] and I loved how easy it was to set-up.  You simply pull it out until the seat clicks into position and then use the two straps to securely fasten it to the back and base of the chair.”

In addition, her little one has loved our product.  Jenny explains that normally her boy doesn’t like being secure to anything but he has definitively adopted our booster seat : “it was his own”.

Finally, as Jenny has noted that the booster seat fits a lot of different chairs, from a metal garden style chair to a solid wooden one and she has find a very good slogan “A Booster Seat for Every Seat”.  

We really appreciate that Jenny and her little boy have enjoyed our product and have understood our concept : a safe, foldable and nomadic booster seat for every meal !

And we hope that more and more UK places  will be equiped with our products to welcome your child.


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Published : 03/05/2016

Author : Anaïs