Carly Markham from the blog Mummyandthechunks has tested our foldable booster seat, and gives her opinion.

Because we have noticed how it could be hard to find the perfect family friendly place where family can find booster seat or high chair for their little ones, we have decided to launch our brand, and we aim at being present in as much as UK hotels, cafés and restaurants as possible.

We have developed a range of kids’equipment such as our foldable booster seat, specially designed for hotels and restaurants as it is easy to carry, to  clean and to store !

We were looking for mummy blogger to test our booster seat and to give her opinion and we have decided to offer one of our product to Carly from Mummyand thechunck because she was going on holidays with her family and we loved the fact that she can bring our nomadic booster seat with her !

Carly has tested our booster seat with her 19 month old girl, Elsie.

First of all she has noticed that as the booster seat is verry compact and thus easy to carry,  it doesn’t take too much place in the car for example and can be fitted in the basket of the pushchair.

Thank’s to it, Carly was able to bring it to the entertainment in the evening and Elsie was able to sit with her family instead of staying in her pushchair.

Finally, Carly has observed how the booster seat is safe and easy to clean “As it is wooden, it is easily cleaned and could simply be wiped down with anti bacterial wipes. The wood is very good quality and very sturdy. The fact it takes just minutes to open up and attach to a chair is so handy

We love the fact that Elsie has enjoyed the evening entertainment during her holidays and we are happy to know that thanks to our product, she will be able to share her meal at the same table of her family !

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Published : 09/05/2016

Author : Anaïs