Madeline from the blog thisgloriouslife has tested our booster seat with Nerys; her 2 years old girl and  gives her opinion.

Because we believe that is important for families to share the meal at the same table together, we have decided to create our own booster seat.

As Madeline shares the same belief of us, we have decided to offer her a booster seat.

Thisgloriouslife is a family lifestyle blog and we have liked the fact that Madeline could try our product and see the benefits of families sitting at the same table together for meals. Moreover, as Nerys wants to do things that her big brother does, we thought that our product could perfectly meet her expectations.

Concerning the product use, Madeline and Nerys have really liked our booster seat.

Indeed, Madeline has noticed that it is quick and easy to use, it doesn’t take too much place, it looks great, thank’s to its natural wood “It blends in really nicely with the rest of the kitchen and feels like it would last past any current 'trends'” and it doesn't feel at all babyish : “I love how it doesn't feel at all babyish, like so many other booster seats doThis is purely a way to bring her up to the same height as everyone else at the table, and it's so beautiful in it's simplicity.”

Nerys has definitively adopted this product  she calls it “her chair” and uses it everyday “It's perfect for mealtimes, but also for letting Nerys sit comfortably at the kitchen table when we're doing arts and crafts, or baking”.

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Moreover, Madeline has made an other article where she speaks about the 5 benefits of eating together as a family.

1)      Your child will eat better

2)      They’ll improve their vocabulary

3)      You can tackle bullying

4)      You’ll form closer family relationships

5)      The whole family will be happier

Finally, Madeline has seen the benefit of  our booster seat’s design : “Get everyone involved.  Get your children sitting at the table as early on as possible, so they're exposed to all the benefits from a young age.  I find that booster seats that fit to kitchen chairs are a great alternative to high-chairs, as you can push them right up to the table so that even babies and toddlers can be part of the action.”

This is just a summary of her article, so do not hesitate to have a look on this very interesting article by clicking here.

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Published : 13/05/2016

Author : Anaïs