Kate from the blog myfamilyfever, is the mother of Eliza (9 months old) and Max (3 years old) and has always found the step between highchair and dining chair to be a big jump.

As we believe that our booster seat is the perfect compromise between highchair and dining chair, we have decided to offer her one.

First, Kate has noticed that, the booster seat is easy to use, safe, comfortable and «incredibly easy to clean – it needs nothing more than a wipe over with a damp cloth”. 

Then, we had selected Kate and her family because our product is suitable for her two children, and effectively Kate has seen this huge benefit “One of the real benefits of this seat is the huge age range it is suitable for. As well as using it for Eliza, we have been able to use it with Max, who has just turned 3”.

Our booster seat is a nomadic one, and Kate has completly understood this concept: “If you travel a lot, or regularly go for meals with family and friends, then the Welcome Family booster seat can be folded down into a really compact size, making it ideal to use both at home or out and about.”

We really like the fact that Kate and her children have enjoyed our booster seat, and the fact that the only issue with our product is “[...] the fact that now Max and Eliza both want to use it all the time. Eliza doesn’t want to go back into her usual highchair, and Max refuses to sit at the table without it.”

Myfamilyfever is a yummy mommy blog where you can discover a lot of interesting articles and the Project 365 “a photo a day, every day, for a year.”, which is a very good concept.

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Published : 17/05/2016

Author : Anaïs