Licensed surprise toys for family friendly places ! 

Family friendly places  are targeting families and have put in place attractive offers to attract and pamper them.

As we know that children love little surprises, we have developed a huge range of kids’ treats : surprise eggs, bouncy balls, surpise cubes, surprise packs and much more.

These little surprises can be offered with kids menu to make the meal funnier or as a welcome gift.

Children love diversity and  animated cartoon heroes, that is why, these surprises can be a competitive advantage, and especially if you are in accordance with movies trends.

With this in mind, we always propose new licensed surprise toys.

Recently, we have launched two news licenses :

  • First, we have decided to propose « Shopkins » surprise toys.

Shopkins are collectible toys based on grocery store items and each plastic figurine has an unique face and name.
We have launched two products : Some Shopkins surprise cubes (which contain 10g of sweets, 3 stickers and 2 mini characters to construct) and some Shopkins surprise eggs (which contain some sweets, a sticker to collect and a surprise present).


  • Then we have decided to propose you some « The Secret Life of Pets » suprise toys.

This movie will be released in July 2016 and tells the story of Max and Duke (two dogs) which meet SnowBall, an adorable white bunny determined to take revenge on all happy-owned pets and their owners with its army of abandoned pets.
We have also developed two products : The Secret Life of Pets surprise eggs (which contain some sweets, a sticker to collect, a surprise present) and The Secret Life of Pets surprise packs (these large packs contain : 1 puzzle, 1 pack of stickers, 1 poster, 1 lollipop, 1 drawing and 1 surprise toy to collect)

Finally, you can extend the customer experience by proposing some other products like for example :  Some funny lunch boxes and some colouring products such as activity booklets and activity placemats

Published : 30/05/2016

Author : Anaïs