UEFA 2016 : J – 5 Get ready !

Every four years, the UEFA happens for the greatest delight of football’s fans.

From the 10 of june 2016 to the 10 of july 2016 , young and old will support their favourite team all together.

We are pretty sure that English supporters are wainting  impatiently the 11 of june, which is the first English match against Russia.

This period is a moment where families like to be all together to support their favourite team !

If you are a family friendly place and you have planed to broadcast the matches, having some little suporters goodies could be a good competitive advantage !

As we want to provide you the best and always some new products for your youngest customers , we have decided to launch an UEFA limited edition.

From just £0.78 you can have :  1 activity booklet, 1  activity placemat, 1 case of 4-set colouring pencils, and 1 mini football ball * !

On our online store, you may find :

-         Activity booklet : An A5 format with colouring and activities such as the 7 differences game loved by kids ! – Available with colouring pencils

This product is the perfect goodie that kids can take home, it will be a good reminder of your place !

-         Activity placemat : A two-sided A3 format with 5 differents games – Available with colouring pencils -

“Find the shortest pass “

“Labyrinthe game”

“7 differences game”

“Find which countries do these football shirts come from”

And a colouring activity.

-          Mini football balls , this products is the perfect little UEFA treat ! Kids will enjoy it and can collect the 8 differents models.

Moreover, if you have french tourists in your place, it is good to know that all of our coulouring products are bilingual french and english !

* This is an indivative price for : A pack of 120 activity booklet with 120 packs of 4-set colouring pencils, A pack of 120 Activity placemat and A pack of 192 Mini football balls. 

Published : 06/06/2016

Author : Anaïs