Welcome Family gives you few kid's menu tips !

As our name implies, we love when : Families are welcomed in restaurants !

Thanks to our huge experience of the catering trade, we'll give you few tips for your kid's menu. 

Mc Donalds introduce the kid’s menu concept with its famous Happy Meal in 1978, and today more and more restaurants follow this trend for the greater enjoyment of families.

Paying attention to kid’s menu is a reason to bring the whole family and is a good way for training palates, Joe Sparatta, chef of Top 50 Best New Restaurant nominee says that : “Allowing kids to eat like regular people is a good step to getting them to eat healthier and think about these things in a different way. So we serve them something a little different that won’t freak them out.”.

Even kid’s menu is a good thing for your restaurant, there are fews tips that you should know.

First of all, parents as kids don’t like the lack of choice. Even if it is good that children try new taste and “train their palates”, it is important to keep it in mind : Children have preferences. When families went to a restaurant, they want to enjoy a great meal together and it could be quite frustrating for parents to see that their children like nothing.

Nevertheless, don’t fall into the frozen french fries and nuggets trap. If you are serving french fries make them from fresh-cut potatoes and it is the same for spaghetti and meat sauce.

Children should eat real food and it is always good to making the adults jealous with different taste, texture and an original presentation.
We are aware that it could take more time, but a satisfied customer will come back into your restaurant and this is especially true for families.
Even if there are more and more “family friendly” restaurants, this is still quite hard for parents to find the perfect place for them and their children ! If you are this kind of place with good food for parents and for children and with good equipments be sure that you will become the "place to be" for families.

Finally it is really important to make the kids menu healthier, today parents pay more and more attention to what they eat and even more to what their children eat.
Making kids menu healthier  is not very complicated, you just need to propose fresh and local products adapted to children needs. You can propose simple taste with funny shape, it could be one very effective means of making them eat a bit of everything (fresh salades such as crudités finger food, meat or fish, a bit of starch, some cheese, a fresh fruit and a slice of bread).


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We hope that this few tips have interested you, do you have more tips ?
What do you think about kid’s menu ?
Do not hesitate to give us your opinion, we like to hear from you !

Published :10/06/2016

Author : Anaïs