Catering sector : Why opt for personalized products ? 

Today, people love when restaurants have an identity, a true and stong identity : minimalist or not, people love concept !
As marketing is important in this very competitive market, restaurants have to be innovative and to communicate on their identiy.
That is why, more and more restaurants opt for branding option. Everything is done to remind customers that : They are in this restaurant and not in an other one !  

We could list a lot of restaurants which have opted for this option, such as for example Girafe restaurants in the UK were everything is set up to create an unique ambiance and a strong brand image. In Girafe restaurant, you’ll find for example : a giant girafe and a lot of branding products : Menu, Cup, Jar of sauce ....
We could aslo take the example of Starbucks, where everything is done to be identified by customers : Napkins, Cup, Green straw and even sugar ! Moreover, Starbucks has chosen a strong option :  To personnalize  its concept by ading the customer’s name on the cup, wheras the brand could have chosen the easy road by simply giving a number to customers.
This simple action has become a way of communication, indeed how many named cup have you ever seen on instagram or other? The cup become a medium of communication and Starbuck have nothing to do.

People love the smallest things and even more for their children, that is why it is very important to do not forget these youngest gests !
Generally, children (more than adults), will bring the little present to their home, and they’ll keep it for a while.
That is why, personalised children products could be a good reminder of your place !
Colouring activities, Crayons, Balloons, are the perfect little reminder.
Hence, when parents want to go to restaurant with their kids, they will see the little product and they will be able to remember the warm welcome that their children have recieved in your place.
Why Mc Donalds is so loved by kids? May be because the children’s welcome is like a ritual. Indeed, children know what they will get :  their Mc Donalds lunch box, a Mc Donalds balloon and of course a surprise ! That is why, they feel excited and the parents are reassured : They know what they’ll find, and that their children will enjoy a great moment.

We hope that our article has shown you how  branding products could be a good way of communication and can create a differentiation point  from your competitors.


Have you opted for personalized products ?
Do you think that personalized products can be a good way of communication ? 
Do you pay attention to children's welcome in your restaurant ? 
Do not hesitate to give us your opinion, we like to hear from you ! 

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Published :20/06/2016

Author : Anaïs