Toy Vending Machine : What are the benefits for you?


The toy vending machine shows that you’re kiddie friendly yet also from a business perspective, it brings in a nice extra revenue too !


1) Create animation on your place : For children, insert a token and have a surprise capsule is a game itself !
The concept is simple : Children can have a token with their menu and will use it to have their gift : It will create surprise and it will make your children’s menu funnier and more attractive.

1 Children's menu = 1 token offered
1 token = 1 surprise

2) Generate profit : The purchase of your toy vending machine is profitable, on average, after 3 months if you sell all of your surprises.
First of all, by proposing  qualitative and attractive toys you will create loyalty which will increase your profit.
Then, the toy vending machine accepts ‎£1 coins and generally even if children use the token they will put a £1 coin to continue their collection : This is how your toy vending machine will become profitable!

3) Save time 
Proposing a token as a children’s menu surprise will allow you to save time because you won’t have to manipulate toys and to select boys or girls gift at every children served. 
Generally, the machine have two compartments and allow you to propose different toys (for boys and girls for exemple or different licences).
Moreover, toy vending machine is low maintenance,you just have to fill it with toys and to recover coins and tokens.
Finally, the wheels on the base of the vending machine are there so that you can wheel it in at night if so desired.

In a general way, having a toy vending machine will make your place more attractive for your customers and for all of the other children who walks in front of your place.

If you are still asking yourself, what are the benefits of buying a toy vending machine ?
Just think to these three key concepts : Increase loyalty, Generate profit and Attractiveness.

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Published :27/06/2016

Author : Anaïs