Family Friendly places : Welcome the whole family for children's birthday ! 

Today Family Friendly market is quite competitive and places have to be inventive and to listen to its customers.

Children’s birthday is an important moment for families and it is important to offer them the possibility to enjoy this great moment all together in your place.


But first "Why" ?

May be you have already read in our previous article that,  even if « Family Friendly » market is huge, it is quite hard for families to find the perfect family friendly palce. Proposing an additional service such as birthday celebration could be a good competitive advantage.
Serving kids’ menu and having equipment to welcome them is very important, but welcoming them for their birthday could be a good way of communication. It will increase your customer’s loyalty and will allow you to attract new customers ! Birthday is an important moment in family’s life, and if your place and staff meet families’ expectations, you’ll become the place to go once a year... At least !

To sum up the « why » keys words could be :
Competitive advantage, Way of communication and Customers loyalty.

And now, "How" ?

First, you should communicate on it : Be present on family friendly guides, Indicate that you welcome birthday celebration on your website, publish some pictures of the previous event on your social media, and last but not least : Speak to customers, show an interest, be close to them and propose to welcome them for this great moment !

Then, you can propose an all inclusive option from invitation to a personalised birthday cake, genrally parents love to go outside to have nothing to do, just to enjoy.
You can also offer gifts, not only to the birthday girl or boy but to all children, it could be a little surprise such as surprise eggs or packs (this kind of products are a good option because it is generally a 3 gifts in one). Offering branded products could be a perfect way to communicate as children will bring these products at home and can ask to their parents to go to the same place for their birthday. Branded products are the perfect little reminder of your warm welcome (We have published an article on this subject, you can have a look by clicking here.)

And finally, offer a great and personalized service to parents as well.
They are here for their kids but if they spend a great moment as well, they won’t hesitate to come back ! Here, few ideas that might be interesting  to develop : Create a kind of separate space for children and parents, but be careful parents should be able to see their little ones. If it is a family moment at the same table, make it fun for kids and for parents too, with amazing cocktails for example...
As you can see with these ideas they are several way to organize  birthday celebration : A funny one with all children’s friend, A calm families’ meal, A sporty and sensational activity ....

To sum up the « How » keys words could be :
Communication, All inclusive, and All together.

We hope that this article has interested and convinced you to propose children’s birthday in your place.
We have selected some products that could be perfect for this great moment :
Surprise packs full of surprises, Bubbles for outside meal, Activity booklets full of games with colouring pencils, Branded balloons and even more..

Finally, we propose you to have a look on these two websites, which list the best places to celebrate children’s birthday, it could give you some ideas .... Kids Birthday Party Venues in London (Visit London) and 10 of the best children's party venues in London (Junior Magazine)

Published : 04/07/2016

Author : Anaïs