Family Friendly Cruises


Family friendly cruises is a growing market, indeed more and more families opt for this kind of holidays and pay attention to every details.

Communication is realy important for cruises companies we’ll focus this article on the main points that families pay attention to.

Firstly, families will choose the Lenght and Destination, you have to be clear and to indicate as much details as possible: Where they’ll disembark and enjoy some time on land? How does the disembark last?  ....

Secondly, it is important to propose serveral options for family accomodation (Additional beds, Suites with two communicating rooms, you can also propose a « curtain » option to separate kids and adult area...).

Then, family friendly cruises should have and of course communicate on family entertainment. What are your kids club options  (for Babies and for Teens)? Do your propose a nursery, a baby sitters service? Reassure parents before the departure and let them know that they’ll have the possibility to enjoy a moment together without any stress.

Communicate on your adult-only kid-free zones: Having kid-free zones doesn’t mean that you are not family friendly, on the contrary it’ll show that you pay attention on every customers. Even parents can be happy to relax in a quiet place while their children have fun on kids club.

These kid-free zones can be a Casino, a Spa or juste a quiet tea room where parents’ll be able to read a book or to work on their computer if they need to for exemple.

Food : Indicate what your kids menu are and that parents can ask for specific meal if their children have any food allergies or restrictions. You may also plan an early meal service for parents with young children.

Finaly, as it is an important question for all parents, you need to have a dedicated section to indicate: What to pack? What children are allow to wear ? What they aren’t allow to wear ? What parents should bring (bottle warmer, nappies, soap...)?


Finaly, think to little surprises, you can for exemple offer a welcome pack with sea themed activity booklets and colouring pencils, in addition, think to bilingual activities, then you can get informed on Children’s birthday and offer them a special surprise pack during the meal with a personalised cake ....

As we told you at the begining of the article, they are a lot of family friendly cruises! We have decided to briefly introduct you two of them.

Royal Caribeean cruises

This company is one of the largest U.S cruises lines and have increase its presence in the UK in recent years with a strong family-friendly focus. The company  proposes a lots of activities, such as for exemple : Water Park, Sport cases, Climbing Wale, Golf, Zip Line, Fitness center, Dance courses.... And some other quiter : Sauna, Library, Solarium, Vitality programm... Moreover, Royal Caribeean cruises has a partnership with dreamworkds, children will be able to see their favourite movie to life such as : Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and more...

Disney Cruises 

The famous mass media entertainment has launch is own cruises with its 4 ships : Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.  Disney cruises motto « Fun and Relaxation for all ». An adult are with its luxury spa and intimate dining, some families activities such as Karaoke Showdown, dining, Pools.... And of course a dedicated service for children from toodlers to teens : Nursery, Imaginative play, and an unforgattable character experience with deck parties and autograph session.


This was just a quick overview of family friendly cruises,they are many others such as P&O cruises, Costa croisières, Silversea Cruises...

Published : 12/07/2016

Author : Anaïs