Children’s hairdressers

For children, going to the haidressers could be a frightening experience and especially for the first time. Parents could be also stressed because they don’t really know how it will be and if their children will like it. That is why more and more « Family Friendly Hairdressers » are coming onto the hairdressers market.

The question is : How to get ready to welcome children ?

First of all, the waiting time is crutial, it is important to keep kids occupied while their are waiting for their haircut.
You can propose them several games, books and activity booklets with colouring pencils. For your regular customers think to different activity booklets themes, children like to have choice, and it could be quickly boring to have always the same colouring.

Then, the haircut should be a « game », listen children and explain them what you are doing.
Having funny barber chairs is a « must have », as their are a lot of existing models, do not hesitate to mix them ! Children will like to be sit on a car chair and then on a pony one for their next haircut.

You can also propose little screens with cartoon, children will be occupied and you will be able to curled them quitly. In addition, this is the same rule as for activity booklets and barber chairs, children like diversity  and will enjoy the fact of having news cartoons every time they come.

Having specialized staff : Your staff have to like children (of course), to know how to keep them occupied and they must have mastered children’s haircut.

Finaly, you can also offer them a little surprise at the end of their haircut, to reward them ! Children will apreciate it for sure ! Serveral option are possible for this little surprise :
1) Simply give them a little treat at the end of their haircut. This option could be simple, but offer them a little treat that they can bring to their home is a great way of communication (Why not thinking about branded products... ? )
2) Leave surprises with a free access and let them chose which surprise they want, children will feel independant and they‘ll be happy to have choosen the surprise by their own.
We have developed a huge range of kids’ treat click this way -> and discover our Surprise Eggs, Surprise Packs, Bubble tubes and many others....
3) Finally, Welcome Family have thought to a different way to reward children : With a Toy vending machine ! The concept is simple : 1 Children's haircut = 1 token offered / 1 token = 1 surprise ! Then, children are able to put a £1 coin to continue their collection ! This option will bring in a nice extra revenue for sure ! (Have a look on our previous article:  Toy vending Machine: What are the benefits for you? ).

We have spoken about children hairdressers, but Families hairdressers could be really interesting as well ! You can propose Children’s haircut and Mum & Dad’s haircut.

Proposing a place where Mommies can relax while their children are occupied to color activity booklet could be a good competitive advantage comparing to non-families friendly hairdressers.

Tips for families hairdressers are quite the same than for Children ones (Keep kids occupied during waiting time, Listen them, and reward them for their patience...), nevertheless you have to propose a relaxing and cool atmosphere for parents as well.

If you choose to targeting the « all » the family, then the « all » family have to find a dedicated area, it shouldn’t be too noisy and children need to feel free to speak.... The importance is to strike the right balance....

You can have a look on this interesting article : 11 of the best child-friendly hair salons in the UK, You’ll discover amazing children’s hairdressers such as : Little Big Heads the perfect place for children or even Jim the Trim  the authentic barber shop for dad and sons, Bertie and Belle where your little ones will be able to sit in a super car for their haircut,  and many others....

Published :29/07/2016

Author : Anaïs