The perfect kit to Welcome Children in you family friendly place


As you are a family friendly place, you are targeting families and you have put in place attractive offers to attract and pamper them.
Welcome Family shares the same belief and we are working in this way with our customers.
Recently, we have developed a linen tote bag ideal to be used as a welcome kit!

What do we mean by « Welcome Kit » ?

We are aware that the Kit we’ll introduce you is a prenium one, feel free to adapt it to your needs and budget!
The linen tote bag is ideal to carry:
1 Welcome Family Booster seat (Foldable, it folds down to an A3 format)
Some Activity booklets, we have developed a huge range including Holidays and Deep Sea world themes for exemple.
1 Set of 4 colouring pencils, you may choose the branding option and use it as an advertising object.
1 Surprise toy (Our range includes several products, adapted to every budget)

How does it work?

You may offer these welcome kits to families while their are checking in, or simply place them in their bedroom.
First, parents will have choice to give everything to their children at one time or not. For exemple: They can decide to give an activity booklet to their child while they are unpacking their bags, and keep little surprise for later on.

Then, if the room includes a kitchen, thanks to the foldable booster seat, they’ll be able to enjoy the meal all together at the same table, and simply stored it in a closet after use. 
Thanks to the tote bag, families will be able to bring the booster seat to outside restaurants, and will be not stressed anymore to find place with high chair or booster seat.
Finally parents can add teddy, baby pacifier...  Everything they need for their children’s comfort. Mom and Dad can also use the tote bag to go to the beach or other...


Key benefits?

1) With these Welcome Kits you will show how you take care of families and especialy to your youngest customers. By tacking care of children, you’ll make parents happy!
2) An all in one pack prepared in advance, stock them and get ready to the checking in time!
3) Opt for branding products: This is the perfect way to communicate and gives little memories to your customers. In addition, if you offer qualities branded products, customers’ll bring it to their home and they’ll remember you for sure! (This is especially true for usefull product).

To conclude, you may have a look on our 4 Yummy Mommies experiences, they have tested and approved our booster seat.
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Click here, and discover our offer :
1 Booster seat bought = 1 Tote bag offered.

Published : 25/07/2016

Author : Anaïs