Transportation companies, why should you get ready to welcome kids?

Trains are an unseful way to travel with children.  As today the “family friendly” concept is a growing concept, it is important to get ready to welcome children, and to be prepared to keep them occupied during the trip.

First, communicate on your website.

Transportation companies, communicate on the fact that kids go for free (Click here to discover the National Rail offer), and give few tips to travel with children on train (Click this way to discover Eurostar tips)

Parents used to bring a lot of colouring activities and games when they have to travel with their children. It could be a great competitive advantage to communicate on the fact that you provide colouring booklets and games on train.

Which games?

First of all, you can invest on the timeless classic Card Games loved by all the family.  

Then, you can propose activity booklets to the little ones.
You can distribute for exemple train themed activity booklet: It could allow children to discover how a train works with plenty of funny games. Finaly, to color these activity booklets, you can provided some branded colouring pencils: Offer goodies to children and especially branded goodies is a good way of communication. By offering it you offer a reminder to children and to parents as well.  

Children, will remember this exciting trip where they had a lot of fun with their families and where they have discover a lot of interesting things about train. Parents, will remember this trip where their children were occupied and quiete.

Then, it is also important to separate Families wagons and quiete ones, indeed, even if you are family friendly people need to have choice.

Finaly you can propose “Specials” days with funny animation such as: make-up workshop, or some themed day that comply to movies’ release (Findind dory, or The secret life of pets activities).

Plan these specials day during holidays and be sure that children will enjoy the trip!

These tips are also valid to planes companies. This is really important for this kind of transportation companie to get ready to keep kids occupied as planes trip could be more stressful for kids and families in a genral way.

Transporation companies, Welcome Family the specialist on children activities, provides you everything you need to get ready to welcome children.
- Activity booklet sets with colouring pencils, a lot of themes are available such as for exemple Holidays. The little extra of these booklets? They are all bilingual French/ English.
- Lunch time on board? You can offer funny activity placemats sets or lunch boxes.
- Branded colouring pencils, and a lot of other branded products.
- Kids’ treat to welcome children: Finding Dory balls and bubbles tubesThe Secret Life of pets Surprise packs and Surprise eggs, Shopkins surprise Eggs and Cubes, and many others..... 

Published : 01.08.2016

Author : Anaïs