French culture and tourists in United Kingdom.

United Kingdom is the second favourite french destination and France is the second favourite english tourists destination (66% of English have already gone in France)!

French tourists are the biggest group (before USA) of international visitors in London, over 2 millions have visited London in 2014. 

French tourists like to discover the beautiful London with its amazing monuments and attractions (such as : Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham palace), english culture and its famous Fish&Chips, and many other cities such as Edimbourg, Liverpool, Bristol and many others.....

In addition,  English likes French food that is why a lot of French restaurants are established in United Kingdom such as for example Cote - Restaurant, Balthazar, and Boulestin... All of these restaurants think to your little ones and propose a children menu (You can have a look on their Website by clicking on the links).
English went to these restaurants to eat famous french food such as: Boudin Noir, Foie Gras, Escargots, Steak Tartare, Coq au vin, Cassoulet, and many others....

And the families? Welcome Family believes that take care of children means take care of parents as well! As you may know, we are a french company (Apologies for our Frenglish sometimes...) and we have developed a range of bilingual colouring activities for children.

Why restaurants and hotels should opt for it?
First, when french tourists come in your place, they will be happy to find these kind of special attentions for their little ones. Even if they come to speak english, proposing this kind of colouring activities could be a good competitve advantage. These products are educational and playful!
It could be a good way to discover english words.
Then, if you are a french restaurants you can propose these colouring activities to extend the french experience! These bilingual activities will be loved by children and by parents as well for sure!

To sum up, we could say that: French colouring activities can be a competitive advantage!

Have a look on our colouring activities range, you may discover our Activities booklets, and Activities placemats (Several themes available: Deep sea world, Pirates, Princesses, Holiday, Farm....).


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