Improve Your Status as a Family Friendly Restaurant and Increase Your Customer Loyalty


It’s really important for families to feel welcome as soon as they enter into your restaurant. As with anything it is the first impression that counts so acknowlegement on arrival is of paramount importance. The moment that the families enter into your restaurant they are aware right away, in response to your service, if they are going to stay or not.

So introduction and the showing of your clients to their table is great service. It takes the hassle out of the parents having to look for a table and it immediatly puts everyone into a relaxed mode if they are shown to a table. After which, asking families with babies or toddlers  if would like a booster seat or a high chair is great service on your behalf and on the client’s side, again it is reassurance and peace of mind that there children are being cared for.

If the kids are at ease and occupied then the parents are more likely to relax and enjoy the meal calmly and appreciate their environment too. This is where activity sheet placemats are handy and activity booklets too, as they can keep the kids distracted whilst waiting for their own meals or during the main meal and their dessert. Offering activities can really make a difference in the parents deciding if they're going to return to your restaurant or not and if these kinds of things are offered to their kids, it's more than likely that you're going to see these families back in your restaurant again. It’s a win-win situation for everyone around !


 Welcome Family balloons

Published : 05/01/2016

Author : Samantha Mureau