Mixed Set of 4320 Children's Activity Placemats with Colouring Pencils

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4320 Activity placemats full of activities and 4320 4-set wooden colouring pencils

Ideal for kids menu ! 


- 4320 double-sided A3 paper placemats

- Paper weight: 120g

The activity booklet pack consists of different themes, see themes below*

- 4320packs of 4-set wooden colouring pencils

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This set include : 

4320 Activity Placemats 

Dimensions : 24 x 33 cm (doubled-sided printing with edible ink)

These kits include several themes suitable for both girls and boys such as : Princesses, Pirates, Deep Sea world, Safari ....

8 different themes available : dinoworld, fairies, farm, football, princess, pirates, 120 safari, deep sea world.

Do not hesitate to tell us if you want a theme more than an other just specify it  in the commentary of your order. 

4320 packs of 4-set wooden colouring pencils : 

Colors : Red, Blue, Black, Yellow