Minnie Mouse Vending Machine


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The Minnie Mouse themed toy vending machines are perfect for places serving kids ! 


The toy vending machines are supplied WITHOUT the capsules. You can choose your own capsules here.

Accepts capsule sizes: 50mm to 70mm

Machine capacity:

600 capsules Ø50 mm 

400 capsules Ø60 mm 

200 capsules Ø70 mm

Accepts ‎£1 coins

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£ 510.00

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The dimensions : 125 x 46 x 40cm

Size : 25kg

The purchase of your toy vending machine is profitable, on average, after 3 months, if you sell all of your surprises. Each surprise is worth 0.67 pence and you can set your machine to charge ‎£1 x 1 or ‎£1 x 2 for each capsule. 

The Minnie Mouse themed toy vending machine is low maintenance. The wheels on the base of the vending machine are there so that you can wheel it in at night if so desired.